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Water management

Whether running a domestic home or farm estate, water is a vital resource. SGE Seal assist landowners with their water management needs from supply source and purification to irrigation and waste water handling. We combine our engineering, agricultural and electrical experience to provide complete solutions which we then support and maintain.

Our water management includes:

  • Pumping
  • Bore holes
  • Water purification and treatment
  • Water harvesting
  • Water storage
  • Irrigation solutions
  • Agricultural water handling and slurry tanking
  • Repairs and maintenance

Water supplies

Once upon a time, water could be taken from a spring to supply remote properties with little treatment or processing required. With increasing regulation, it is now a legal requirement for private water supplies to meet the same standards as mains water.

SGE Seal can advise and guide you though the process, supplying and installing the equipment relevant to your source. In the past we have helped clients take water from natural springs, bore holes and pumped from other supplies. Once collected, the water then needs to be processed to ensure it is safe for consumption. We supply automated plant solutions which use ultraviolet light technology to purify and remove waterborne microorganisms as well as adding chlorine. Water is continually monitored to ensure high standards and safe drinking water.

Waste water and grey water

A large proportion of 'used' water can be recycled for a secondary purpose. This can reduce both the strain on the incoming source and costly sewerage.

SGE Seal has worked with high volume water users including golf clubs and farms to help reuse water efficiently to provide cost effective irrigation.

SGE Seal supplies, installs and maintains systems for pumping, storing and delivering water to the required location.

Water harvesting

Rain water harvesting is the process of collecting water that falls naturally. Buildings can normally be converted so that rain that would otherwise go to the ground or a soakaway is instead diverted into a suitable storage tank. The collected water can then be used when required.

SGE Seal has previously installed water harvesting systems to provide wash down facilities for argicultural sites as well as irrigation for farms and domestic properties.

SGE Seal is able to provide a complete water solution in Kent, Sussex and the South East with on going repairs and servicing following installation. To discuss your particular water management needs, please contact us.

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